During an epidemic Public Health agencies need access to as much data as possible to stop the spread and protect the public. By combining existing data from testing results and facility capacity with self-reported health status data from the public and updated resource data from healthcare facilities, QuantaSTAT provides Public Health agencies the most complete data source available. The data is mapped in real time and can be filtered, extracted, and explored with ease. his enables Public Health to make informed decisions and protect the public by identifying potential outbreak areas in advance and treating infected and exposed people in their own homes.

Data augmented with self-reporting saves lives:

Identify the next outbreak location before it occurs:

Prevent exposure to healthcare workers and the public by keeping stable patients at home

Increase capacity in the healthcare system by providing in-home treatment options

Allocate resources effectively when facilities update capacity and supply needs in real time

Provide Public Health officials real time data enabling ability to perform contact tracing and reduce exposure

We Learned from Healthcare Providers and Epidemiologists

To launch this project we reached out to our medical advisory board and to epidemiologists at UC Berkeley and Stanford in order to understand what information would be valuable to public health officials as well as what actions would best help stop the spread of COVID-19. We were able to fine tune our self reporting form to ensure high quality digital triage. We also spoke with doctors on the frontlines in the ER, and realized the importance of keeping people from physically entering the healthcare system would have a great impact on protecting healthcare workers and the public at large, while also preserving resources.

We've Been Building for Years!

Our team has been building this platform for 5 years. Recently we entered the NIST Tech-to-Protect challenge and are currently finalists in the category "Calming in Catastrophe" with our Modern Triage Management tool. We have combined this tool with a self-reporting map we created in early March to help the public get ahead of the spread for this submission.


Given the time constraints we will not be able to deliver this solution fully on all platforms. We are presenting an iOS app MVP as well as a web-based dashboard. We would like a few more days to deploy all channels in all environments.

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posted an update

Thank you mentors! The feedback from mentors has been incredibly helpful. We are in the process of configuring content capture. So fare we have imported hospital capacity data and created a means for healthcare facilities to add their own data through a web widget. We are now setting up the means for the public to share their health status anonymously so that they can be digitally triaged and helped.

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posted an update

We are very grateful to all those who have shared data sets in the Slack channels. So far we have managed to incorporate a number of them into a map that provides real time updates. We have completed channels for population self reporting of symptoms and health care facilities to update capacity and resource needs. It's really coming along!

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