After talking with friends in medicine, we decided that the entire patient care team needed a better way to keep in touch. Patients need to be engaged in their care in order to aid their recovery. By making it easy for patients and the care team to communicate, we hope to increase patient engagement, and improve health outcomes in the process.

What it does

We create small social networks for a patient's entire care team. Patients can see information shared by healthcare providers, ask questions about their care, and track their daily nutrition using natural language processing. Simply speaking what you just ate will save it in a food journal, and create statistics about your food intake over time, to help you and your doctors ensure that you're getting the best nutrition, and keeping on the road to recovery!

How we built it

We built a backend API using the Django REST Framework that tracks all of the data needed by the app. The front end was built using Angular.js and the Ionic Framework. This provides a beautiful, clean UI for both patients and the healthcare team.

Challenges we ran into

Database relations carried a fairly steep learning curve. We had to do a bit of hacking around in Django to make our model work, but we're glad to see it pay off! Additionally, all of our team members were new to the Ionic Framework. This presented challenges at first, but we figured it out and quickly started enjoying how straightforward it is.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a bullet-proof database, and an easy to use UI. Looking back on our somewhat rocky start on both parts, we're very proud of the product we've managed to build. We're very excited to show it off to the judges, and hope that it can grow into something larger down the road!

What we learned

We learned how to build database relationships properly, create a solid mobile app, and effectively plan projects.

What's next for Tri-Colour Care

As young people move into the healthcare field, we hope to see an increased demand for technical solutions to healthcare problems. This will create opportunities for projects like ours to improve health outcomes for patients all over the world!

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