I wanted to develop something that was fun (not necessarily a "world-saving application") and could be completed in the given time limit.

What it does

This is a command line version of the "T-Rex Game", famously available on the Chrome Browser. Goal: "Make the T-Rex jump over the cacti without hitting it ".

How I built it

I used the curses library in Python for the graphics and used ASCII characters to create the characters of the game.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenge was to synchronize the events so that the characters render on the screen correctly! Since the curses library does a character-by-character update, its relatively difficult to move objects in the same scene at different speeds.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One of the most important task was to replicate/redraw the characters using ASCII characters. I believe that the characters have come out pretty well.

What I learned

I was working with the Curses library for the very first time. Though I will not be using it in the future (due to limited usability), I dived into a different style of application programming. In the end, I enjoyed the working on this project and even though it does not solve "Global Warming", I hope this version of the "T-Rex" game will make people laugh!

What's next for Trex-Game

Unfortunately, the journey for T-Rex Game ends here! But if I were to improve upon it, I would definitely want to add the next levels of the game which includes the day-night change and the "Pterodactyl", flying dinosaur.

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