As a leading Medicare benefits provider, Hamaspik needed a website that demonstrates trust, is easy to navigate, easy to maintain and scalable. Thanks to the HubSpot CMS Hub we were able to accomplish all of that and more with this custom website redesign, utilizing a ton of custom modules, HubDB and the CRM as its backbone.

The problem

As the company grew and their offerings expanded, they found themselves having multiple websites for the different healthcare plans and also being a nightmare to maintain an update.

The solution

With the power and flexibility of the HubSpot CRM Platform combined with the CMS Hub, they are now able to have everything under one site, making all information available in many languages and making it super easy to navigate regardless of "tech savviness" or native language. Updating and maintaining the content on the site is also a breeze thanks to HubDB where Hamaspik can easily add new providers with all the proper tags making it easy for members to filter on the front end.

The results

Members are easily able to find anything they might be looking for. It's also super easy for them to get in touch with a live rep. For the internal team, updates can be implemented immediately vs. having to wait weeks or months previously.

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