Someone who can coach and quiz you will motivate you to study and allow you to track your progress. A productive partner is always helpful when studying, but a study buddy isn't always available or on-task. It's difficult for busy students to find an ideal meeting time. When they do meet, students also tend to become distracted.

Because we are passionate about gaining knowledge and prone to failing school, we wanted to create a virtual coach to make learning easier.

What it does

Trevoria is a multi-platform chat bot that coaches your learning. You can either select a category you want to learn about, or you can feed it questions and answers that you want to memorize. When you tell it to ask you a question from a certain category or one of your custom questions, it will do so, wait for you to answer, and tell you if your answer is correct or not.

If you get a custom question wrong, the bot will ask the question more frequently. Similarly, if you get one right, you'll see the question less frequently.

If your answer is slightly different from the correct one, the bot will understand what you meant.

In short, it is the perfect study-buddy. It's always available, and it helps you master new concepts.

How we built it

We designed custom javascript modules, integrating features of Concierge Bot and node.js.

Challenges we ran into

Difficulty connecting all the modules

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Brian did three push-ups, his new personal best.

What we learned

How to use Concierge Bot

What's next for Trevoria

To further motivate the users, we want to gamify the learning process by rewarding people points for making progress and creating leaderboards.

Also, to make Trevoria a more helpful program, we want to incorporate the core curriculum to the questions database. High schoolers will be able to easily access the material they have to learn for school. We would be willing to do the same for the curriculums of universities and other learning institutions.

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