Background and Inspiration

Isaiah Turner, junior in high school and Christina Wadsworth and Kate Park, two freshman at Stanford teamed up to build Trestle. Trestle is an iOS app that allows students to take tests on iPads. By using Guided Access, it prevents cheating because the student cannot exit the test to go to a different browser or app before finishing the test. Isaiah was inspired with the idea when participating in his high school's iPad Initiative. Teachers used iPads for everything--notetaking, textbooks, assignments--but not for tests because they worried students could cheat with the Ipad. Trestle solves this problem.

Target User

Our target user is any school with an iPad initiative--that includes high schools, universities, even elementary schools. Last year 8 million iPads were sold to schools and that number is growing. Trestle already has 600 potential consumers because Isaiah’s high school will buy our product once it is finished.

Key Features

Trestle uses Guided Access to prevent cheating. When a student first sets up Trestle, they turn on Guided Access under Settings which also prompts the student to enter a passcode. In the Trestle app, the student triple taps the home button to start the test. When taking the test, Guided Access does not allow the student to zoom in or out, use the navigation drop down menu, or exit with the home button. The only way to exit the Trestle app is to triple-tap the home button and enter the preset passcode. If the student does that before submitting the test, the student automatically fails the test.
The student can finish the test before the allotted time by clicking “Finish” at the top of the test.

Built With

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