We are constantly surrounded by potential danger zones or restricted areas. Yet, when we walk around with headphones or fail to pay sufficient attention to what is going on around us, we can easily be oblivious to these. At Tresfailing, we believe that it is normal to get distracted and want to ensure the safety of everyone around. As someone approaches a zone they should avoid, their phone will begin to emit a frequency that will rise as they get closer, letting them know they should be alert. Much like a car alarm when backing up, we want to prevent as many accidents as possible.

What it does

Using only two cameras placed around the zone, we are able to track how close people are to a zone of danger and warn them in real time. The sound frequency coming from their phone will notify them how close they are to a restricted area. This product can be used on any scale: from helping parents make sure their children do not approach potentially dangerous home appliances to ensuring pedestrians stay clear of a construction zone.

Challenges we ran into

We had some difficulties installing the Wrnch API, creating the Android application, and the Web application.

What's next for Tresfailing

The next upgrade for Tresfailing is to add facial recognition and associate it with a user's phone to make sure as many people as want to register can be kept safer.

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