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What is TrenulMeu?

TrenulMeu is a long running Project designed to provide the very first modern, easy to use and complete solution for Rail travelers in the form of a great service across the Web and Mobile. The Project started around 2 years ago and had seen many improvements. For this Event I created the Mobile Client, partner for any on the go! It is using the Public facing RESTful API provided by

The Basics:

I use Open Data to get the routes from all the Rail Companies from Romania. I also use my own algorithms to make the DataSet more "Europe-like" (introduction of different Train Types, adding some International connections, etc.) A proprietary Distributed, Scaled and very Efficient Algorithm is used to generate all Routes between any 2 Stations in the Network. Then entire Romanian network can be computed in less than 5 minutes! White paper:!9183&authkey=!AMR-Uk7Xv586tGM&ithint=file%2cpdf Routes are then stored in a efficient BlobStorage System in Azure. Here, seves a front-end interface and the RESTful API. And were comes the Mobile Application...

What does it do?

The Mobile Application uses the data collected by storing it for offline use in an embedded Database being less than 2 MB in size. This allows for almost all operations using the Application to be executed without the need of an Internet connection! The only 2 features that are not available are Routing and Delay checking. Other than that, the Mobile Application allows for complex searching across the Network with impressive flexibility, granularity and speed.


TrenulMeu, as in the Algorithm, Website and Mobile App, is not available to the general public as they are still in development.

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