From the ashes he arose, like a phoenix,
His wings ablaze, on fire,
glowing like the sun.
Trent cast his light upon us.


The team was nearing the twelfth hour, without an idea in sight. One man fiddling with a Myo band, panicking in a corner, shivering in fear. The others messing with phaser.js not sure what they were creating. When, suddenly, these three gazed deeply into one another's eyes. "TRENT," exclaimed as if from the great beyond. No one will know from where inspiration struck. Was it the fear, the exhaustion, possibly the donuts? (It was very likely the donuts (and coffee)). Thus, TRENT DEFENSE was borne into this world. A game that will show to be a truly unique, dare I say divine, game of wit and wisdom.

What it does

Trent must defend his towers from the invading forces. Come from far, searching for his star. To destroy. Trent Defends.

How we built it

This game was built using the phaser.js API.

Challenges we ran into

What challenges could we run in to, which we could not triumph over? Was it the seemingly endless documentation? Nay. Was it the images used for the game? Nay. Maybe it was the time given to create the app, the few hours of coding time we had left? Nay say I, Nay. And Nay it shall be.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We three, together, created a beautiful work of art. A true masterpiece of gaming. Life, will never...

What we learned

We learned much about ourselves and each other, through the creation of this application. We learned the extent our research minds could be pushed beyond breaking. POWER. (rangers) We three have become.

What's next for Trent Defense


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