Be a Trendsetter with stylish code.

Trendsetter is a Vim plugin that checks how trendy your javascript code is compared to the hottest coding styles on GitHub. While you're coding, you'll see the popular integrations that might add some spice to your repo.

Trendsetter also is a lite code completion tool that will give you some tips on how to style your code, based on trendy GitHub repositories. Consider us your code consultant as you write your own projects!

How It Works

Your Trendsetter plugin starts off in your Vim editor, parsing words from your code and sending it to our server. Using a node.js script, we scrape the most popular repos from GitHub and feed it into our Markov chain generator to teach it what trendy elements to grab. We then send you our suggestions based on the popular repos, which can guide you when you code.

Learn what's the hottest way to code, or code your own way and be a Trendsetter.

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