Being able to predict the future is what everybody dreams about, and with the use of Big Data, that dream can become a reality.

What it does

We used datasets to figure out patterns between traffic accidents and the direction of travel. We wanted to see if driving through glare causes more accidents.

How I built it

We used java and r to break down the massive dataset into a comprehensive table that clearly shows the patterns that occur during traffic accidents.

Challenges I ran into

We had to find a dataset that contained the stats that we needed. Most datasets did not report the direction of travel since they thought that that stat was not important, but we wanted to find a pattern that others were not looking for.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to take a dataset, and through the use of java and r, narrow that down to the important parts and display a chart that would give the reader a detailed report of our findings

What I learned

I learned how to take massive amounts of information and determine which parts were important to our test.

What's next for Trends and Patterns

We want to take this knowledge and expand our thinking. If we are able to access camera footage, we can analyze patterns in cars that precede accidents to determine what are the main causes of accidents. And if a camera picked up that pattern, they can warn the police of an upcoming accident so that response times can be optimized, hopefully saving lives in the process.

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