Trendie Watch is an Android App to Design Watch Faces for your Samsung Gear 2.. The Way you like it...! Make Your Watch, your ways...

Trendie Watch gives you complete freedom to create your personalized watch face. Be as creative as you like. No restrictions at all..! And Trendie Watch does not have only simple Analog Watches, but also other Innovative Watch Mechanisms. You are definitely gonna love it.

Trendie Watch is an Integrated Gear App, through which you can use the power of Samsung Mobile SDK (SPen) to create your watch faces on your mobile and easily transfer them to your Gear 2, using the Samsung Accessory Protocol.


  1. Create your own Watch Face, with your own design
  2. Different Types of Watch Mechanism: Analog, Disc, Drip and Many More to come
  3. Unleash the power of Samsung SPen SDK to have complete flexibility of creating your Watch Face
  4. Select one of the Watch Faces from the pre-defined styles or create your own
  5. Intuitive design and simple to use interface
  6. Easy to Transfer your Watch to your Smart Watch
  7. Share your Watches with your social circle!

Bored of having static watch faces on your Gear 2? Don't worry, Trendie Watch is here...! Use your creativity to create your own Watch Faces and have your personalized watch faces..!

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