TrendGator - A Trend Aggregator

We provide sentiment score on current Twitter trends in real time and aggregate relevant tweets and news

What does the service do?

Using current trending topics on Twitter, we grab popular, new tweets in real time and we perform sentiment analysis to generate an average score. Our site provides news articles from 80 different sources and the current, most popular tweets. Since we track these trends in real time, users are able to look at specific trends and gage the overall sentiment as it changes over time.

Don't care about our data? Our service aggregates the news for you based on current trends going on around the world. And all the articles are (probably) not fake.


Provides sentiment analysis score on tweets in real time. Aggregates news articles and provides a short description of each article. Made with blood, sweat, and UofTears of course.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time ever using MongoDB so learning that was fun. The dumby endpoint took one hella a lot of time.

What's next for TrendGator?

We want to be able to provide a historical view of all trends on specific days cough cough cough November 8 and 9th

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