As international students coming to Atlanta for the first time 3 years ago, all the way from India, we were very unaware of the fashion trends and dressing styles here in Atlanta. It was not like we could just Google what do people wear in Atlanta and get a practical idea of the trends in our new locality, our new home. There still isn't. Enter Trender. Trender is a mobile app that allows users to like/dislike apparel, footwear and accessories. As the likes of products increase, they become 'trending'. The trending rating of clothes is currently calculated based on just the likes and dislikes we receive from users of the app but we plan to integrate the Local Inventory API and hopefully more functionality from the APIs to be able to asses the buying activities of a locality.

Our target users are simply anyone who cares about looking good, people who care what the community thinks of the dressing style and simply those who like to dress well. Thee app gives insights into current trends in fashion in one's locality and hence gets people anonymous and collective opinions on fashion not just from anyone, but the people they interact with on a daily basis.

We made a very user friendly and fun interface. Though the interface is not entirely novel, the use of this kind of an interface is innovative. We allow people to simply swipe left or right based on whether or not they like the product. Our best feature is the ability to crowdsource opinion on something as simple as fashion, yet something that majority of the people care about.

As we had limited time, we have not yet been able to integrate buying functionality and the functionality to offer deals, though this should be fairly simple to implement.

He did not use any of the partner's APIs, just the Sears Product Search, Product Details and Local Inventory APIs. We use these to get information on products being bought in the locality and thus this contributes to the 'trendiness' of the items.

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