This app brings the latest fashion trends from around the world and uses image recognition to provide users with affordable options to purchase accessories or clothes that are most similar to the ones in the article. This app attempts to solve two interesting problems :

  • ADS are annoying! Picture this : You're reading an article from vogue and an ad from the right panel pops up to bring you the latest Dominos's pizza specials in your area or Captial one is desperately trying you to desperately sell you their 0% credit card. While I appreciate the website for trying to get me into further debt or satiate my appetite for pizza, it really is turning me off from visiting this website again! There has been some progress in this area by using keyword based ads to bring you more relevant ads related to what you are currently viewing. This app takes this to a whole new level by seeking to bring ads that are most relevant by using image recognition apis to bring the most relevant items in the image based on color, texture and design and not merely based on tags and keywords! Okay those ads are not that annoying really.

  • Fashion is for the elite and I'm never going to be able to afford the hand bag that Cindy Crawford is flaunting on Style! Fret not! This app will bring you the most identical styles to the ones you are currently viewing and are the hottest trends of the season. Thats hipster fashion at hippie prices!

While I chose a niche area such as fashion given the abundance of magazine api's this idea can be scaled to a broader extent to incorporate image recognition as a prime tool for fetching relevant ads in almost any domain.

APIs and technologies :

Media Mash Resources :

  • Seventeen Magazine
  • Teen Vogue
  • Etsy

External :

  • IQEngines Image recognition API ( The secret Sauce!)
  • Yahoo pipes ( Feed aggregation and processing)
  • Grails (The web framework)
  • Amazon (shopping API)
  • Facebook integration( In the works but currently disabled because of some issues)

Future work : I'd like to expand this to include location based services to bring ads from an actual retailer in your area. Currently I haven't found APIs for retail stores and the app is confined to onine retailers. The creation of an API to expose the business logic that can be used by Media companies to place ads relevant to their media content.

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