Project Flow

  1. View cards from lists in the trello board
  2. Add new tasks to the to do list in trello board
  3. Start a trello task
    • a new git branch is created using the trello title
    • the trello card is updated to "in progress"
  4. Submit a trello task
    • the branch is finalised and pushed to master
    • the trello card is updated to "submitted for review"
  5. Review a trello task
    • the branch is reviewed
      • if the branch is accepted then the branch is merged onto master and trello card moved to done
      • otherwise the branch is rejected and the trello card is moved back to in progress with a rejection comment

Why use our product?

  • Frustrated and tired of a trello that is out of sync with your project?
  • Hate using website interfaces?

Then our command line script to integrate trello (with git) is the script for YOU!!!


  • Save time from having to manually update the trello board (increased efficiency)
  • Ensure the trello board is at it's most up-to-date state (increased visibility)

What it does

The script links a given trello board with a github repository, when using the script a user can perform git actions and the trello board will be updated accordingly.

How we built it

We built it using the trello api and python invoked shell commands

Challenges we ran into

Having the patience to deal with out of date API documentation

What I learned

Learning new python skills

What's next for Trello Version Control (with Git integration)

  • Other version control integration such as svn (subversion control)
  • More script actions to increase functionality

Built With

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