There are not many tools for trekkers to fulfill all their trekking needs.

What it does

A map for trekkers to find the nearest trails, points of interest and rest stops, check local weather and pack for their trekking trips.

How we built it

The login page was created with HTML, CSS and Javascript. The login page is designed to direct you to a personal page set up to help you with your trekking needs and goals.

Challenges we ran into

There were some difficulties in connecting login page with the backend, we had to start over with the login page to make it compatible with the backend. The Google Map was not showing at first because of some Javascript errors.

What we learned

For half of the team, it was our first time taking part in a hackathon. While intimidating at first, we learned how to put product into production and coordinate with our team members.

What's next for Trekker

This is our prototype. In the future, we can evolve the trekking trail selection so people can find trails of different styles that suit their preferences. Invite their friends onto the platform and earn points from going on a trekking trip.

As part of Backyard Hack brought to you by the trekking team

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