There are many trekking spots in each state of India, which range from 1-7 days of journey and range from hills to the mountains but people are unaware about the different places for trekking and hence there isn’t much awareness to visit them. Currently, all trek discovery platforms are haphazard on google hence as a user I have to visit a couple of websites to look for details and shortlist the place to visit, which consumes a lot of time and effort and ultimately it drains off.

Many people want to go for treks but since they are alone or having less people to hangout with, they end up cancelling the trekking plan. So in this project we plan to make a trek group which consists of people who will be going to the same trek spot, make them collaborate their plan with each other and go for the trek with a new experience. Meeting strangers on weekends and sharing the trip would definitely be a relaxing experience for people who wish to take a break from their busy schedule.

Our main idea is to build an app which gives personalized recommendations for different treks around a person’s Geo location. The general target audience will be

  • Individuals
  • Working professionals
  • Adventurers
  • Group of friends
  • Mountaineers
  • Community people
  • Family
  • Basically Anyone who loves trekking

Target segment for Hackathon: Bangalore (Treks around Bangalore)

Features Planned(Scope-Hackathon):

  • Sign up/ Sign in - Low Effort - P1
  • My Profile - Low Effort - P1
  • Listing of different treks around bangalore - Low Effort - P1
  • Personalised Trek recommendation(with budget and days) - High Effort - P1
  • Check-in at particular treks - High Effort - P3
  • Interested Trek Posting and Listing - Medium Effort - P2
  • Group chat with people going to same trek spot(with chat moderation) - High Effort - P4
  • SOS(Emergency ambulance/First-aid/General Helpline) - Medium Effort - P5

What it does

TrekiT helps people explore the outdoors with detailed, hand-curated trekking maps as well as trek routes of discovering hidden places around you.

How we built it TBD

Challenges we ran into TBD

Accomplishments that we're proud of TBD

What we learned TBD

What's next for Trekit TBD

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