Treety offers a multifaceted approach to help improve a city’s sustainability by educating citizens on both the environmental and socio-economic benefits of urban trees. By quantifying the various benefits of trees and allowing users to explore, visualize, and understand the expected benefits of new trees in user specified locations via a simple map, Treety helps users (citizens and policy makers) understand the various benefits and better plan for urban trees. Treety also provides an interactive web-based UI for planting new trees, integrated with the “Free Tree Program” currently offered by the City of San Diego to their residents.

What it does

The Treety application collects data from smart city sensors (CityIQ) and other potential data sources to build a model of the impact of trees at specific geographic locations. Treety provides a hierarchy of visualizations for conveying the potential benefits (e.g. pedestrians, traffic and carbon emissions over time) of specific trees at specific locations in the city to both San Diego residents and policymakers. By assisting the city with incentivizing the development of urban trees, Treety helps reduce San Diego’s carbon emissions, revitalize neighborhoods by increasing business revenue, and make neighborhoods more pedestrian-friendly by providing shade for pedestrians and reducing traffic accidents.

Our application addresses the “Urban Challenge” broadly because it aims to improve many of the different aspects of life in San Diego. The aim of Treety is also to create a bridge between San Diego lawmakers and citizens to tackle the urban canopy challenge together. In sum, Treety helps to educate residents about the beneficial impacts of local trees in San Diego and the ability for residents to help plant their own trees.

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