Treesito is a web app that lets people post and track different locations where others have planted urban flora. People can look where there’s an abundance of plants, and where they can plant next. Treesito is the perfect app for any environmentalist, urban gardener, or anyone who wants a greener world.

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Our mission is to bring about proactive efforts in starting, maintaining, and protecting community green spaces. We wanted to inspire individuals and communities to contribute, no matter how small the sapling may be, to their neighborhood flora. In doing so, we want to bring awareness to not only the need for lush, beautiful urban foliage but also to the wider and more systemic challenges that our environment faces—as well as the very real threat of climate change. We hope this project can be a starting point for anyone who wants a greener world, un treesito at a time.

Technical Info

We use the Google Cloud API and added the clicking functionality so when you click a tree, it will display the data of the tree (who planted it and the description of the tree) but if you click somewhere else it will display the coordinates and the option to plant a tree there.

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        props.setSelected({lat:, lng: event.latLng.lng()})}
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Our Team

We are a team of developers from Ironhack, an immersive technology bootcamp in Miami, Florida. We specialize in Full-Stack Web Development, ideating solutions to problems with an emphasis on industry standard web development frameworks and tools. Want to learn more? Feel free to reach out us!


Thomas Knoepffler, Andriw Tapanes, Frank Batista

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