More elderly live at home with mild cognitive impairment, which causes severe loss of quality of life and grows fears over self-empowerment.

What it does

Cognitive memory support: helps finding lost objects at home.

How we built it

Create a natural language processing system using Watson Conversation which creates a search query for an object. The search query then runs through Python Backend which sends the query through Google Cloud. Google Cloud searches for the object in our image database. The image database is created and constantly updated through ambiant cameras. It sends the image of the object in its surrounding back to the user.

Challenges we ran into

User interface decisions, speech output difficulties, localization of the object, sensor use for need recognisition.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full natural language processing functionality, incorporated image recognition, user centered solution

What we learned

Interdisciplinary teamwork, to connect different toolboxes in one product and interface, to design a solution with a multi purpose potential

What's next for Trees

Sensor use for need recognisition, voice command optimization, broaden object database and recognition, accurate geo localization, emergency warning system

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