Treepet   Treepet is the first application in an effort to impact Internet users concentrated in Facebook (more than 500 million users), in the reality of worldwide deforestation and forest degradation in an entertaining, easy and fun way. This game is part of a series of ideas oriented to guide in a fun way creating a positive impact in the environment through everyday simple actions (as easy as playing a game) that will create awareness and promote ecosystem-based solutions.   The game   When playing Treepet you will start in an eroded environment where you will plant a seed. You will need to take care of this seed, nourish it, water it and place the right flora and fauna until you recover the ecosystem. Of course that through the game you will have to compost some organic waste, answer quizzes about the environment and climate change, and also collaborate with your friends to obtain more points and advance faster.   Virtual World to Real World   By making Treepet popular we will create a playful way of creating awareness but at the same time giving the opportunity to the users to support different reforestation efforts carried on by compromised enterprises and recognized NGOs such as Reforestamos México A.C..  So far we have 10,000 Treepets available to be planted in Villa del Carbon, Estado de México and we are aiming for a lot more. As a first stage the Treepets will be planted in Mexico (one of the most deforested countries of the world) the first country for the Treepet project, but the idea is to spread this reforestation movement around other countries that need it as well.   Treepet combines social networks, fun and World Bank database information to ensure environmental sustainability through reforestation in some of the most deforested areas of the planet

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