As high schoolers who are fairly new to managing money, we were inspired to create this website to help us with keeping track of spendings and savings, as well as learning important topics such as credit and stocks.

What it does

Our goal is to guide young adults on how to manage their money. Users can learn personal finance topics such as how to use credit, purchase investments, and others through our blog posts. We also offer neat features such as a calendar to keep track of when bills are due, and a budgeting feature that displays a pie chart showing how much you budget on each category. There is also a "find your perfect credit card" feature which has a form for a user to fill out and based on their answers, we determine which credit card is best suited to them. We also provide calculators for student loans, car payments, and tax which helps users keep track of how much money they need to save and how much they can spend on luxury items.

How we built it

Our team first researched different finance topics and looked at existing financial tools on the web. We brainstormed and discussed different ideas using Miro. We built our website on and we used the languages HTML, CSS, and js.

Challenges we ran into

When we first started Treenet we had lots of ideas and functions we wanted to include, however, we started to realize that some goals will have to be for the future. Some parts we had trouble designing and we ran into many bugs along the way, especially in the calendar and budgeting part. In addition, having everyone from different time zones did make it harder to communicate and work together, however, overcoming that was a big accomplishment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very proud of the calendar feature on our website since none of us knew how to implement it but with the help of mentors and the internet, we were able to figure it out. It is a unique feature since we thought that users may find it useful to see when certain payments are due and it adds a nice touch to the website.

What we learned

During the process of putting together Treenet, we learned many things. We were able to continue building our html, css, and javascript knowledge. We also learned some specific coding knowledge such as, how to add a pop-up to text, how to generate a pie chart, how to make containers and subscription footers, etc. However, we also learned many non-coding-related things as well like, design, color schemes, and many finance topics we were researching.

What's next for TreeNet

Having such limited time was a challenge for us because we knew that we wouldn’t be able to include everything we wanted to. However, we brainstormed a lot of excess that we want to include in the future. Some future goals we have in mind are including features like an investment tab for keeping track of stocks and portfolios, blog articles, and more graphs/visuals to visually represent data.

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