TreeMarks is a two panel bookmark manager for Tablets

TreeMarks has its own bookmarks database and gives you an easy-to-use interface with an extended set of functions to work with standard Android and Chrome browser bookmarks.

TreeMarks has a tree-type data structure which allows you to organize your bookmarks in folders and sub-folders. The number of stored bookmarks is unlimited.

TreeMarks has a built-in browser for quick preview of a web page, so you can easily find a bookmark and open it in the biult-in browser or in any other browser installed on your system.

The synchronization: starting from Android 4.0 «Ice Cream Sandwich», the standard Android browser can synchronize its bookmarks with the bookmarks stored in Google accounts. Using TreeMarks you just operate your standard Android browser bookmarks: TreeMarks will replicate them into all of your Google accounts and then into the Chrome browsers on all of your Android devices.

• An easy-to-use two panel interface (similar to popular two panel file managers) • Group actions on selected items (delete, copy or move items to another folder or storage, like managing files an folders in file managers) • Different ways of sorting • Search of a substring in bookmark titles and URLs • View the tree-type structure as a plain list • Share selected bookmarks with other apps • Search in the standard and Chrome browsers history • Filter by date added

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