We live in an always connected world, people like other people to know what we are doing, which will then inspire them to go along and do it themselves.

What it does

Treeler has many functions. You can view a map with a heat map of where trees were planted. Also, the app can tell you the type of soil that your lawn or park has by just taking a picture of it, using Visual Recognition. Treeler lets you be social about it, and get upvotes on your posts, to be interactive with the community.

How we built it

Treeler was built by our team using an array of technologies. We used React for the front end, GraphQL for querying, Microsoft Custom Vision for Machine Learning and Visual Recognition. We also used git for version control and sharing our code.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges throughout the night. Implementing the Machine Learning model and integrating it with our code, we didn't know how to send the images in between the two programs. Also, the model that we used was very unpredictable at first, the accuracy was below 20%, but after refining the images, positives and negatives, we achieved 85< accuracy. We ran into challenges and disagreements when debating to use AntD or CSS for the React interface. The database was also a challenge to set up since we were experiencing troubles with MongoDB, but those ended up being resolved. And last but not least, we set up our own backend service, instead of using things like Firebase, for example.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our project, how our team came together and how our fit was perfect. We worked nicely together and complemented each other with our knowledge. We are also proud that we came here all the way from Monterrey, Mexico.

What we learned

Some members of our team had never used React, JavaScript and even Git. So everybody learned something useful for years to come. We all enjoyed going out of our confort zones to learn and work in other languages and frameworks.

What's next for Treeler

Treeler could be a project that would continue going forward if popularity rises and people want the product. This would be something good since people would be motivated to be active and go around planting trees.

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