Echo Chef

TreeHacks 2016 @ Stanford

Ever wanted a hands-free way to follow recipes while you cook? Echo Chef can guide you through recipes interactively, think of it as your personal assistant in the kitchen. Just add your favorite recipes to our web interface and they'll be available on your Amazon Echo! Ask for step by step instructions, preheat temperatures, and more!

In addition to Echo Chef's use in the kitchen, we track your data and deliver it to you in an easily digestible way. From your completion time of each recipe, to your most often used ingredients.


  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Amazon Alexa Skill Kit using the Amazon Echo
  • AWS and DynamoDB
  • Qualtrics API
  • Responsive Site


  • Brandon Cen
  • Cherrie Wang
  • Elizabeth Chu
  • Izzy Benavente
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