TreeHacks - Transparency

HTML Scraping, Frontend, Backend by Austin Do

Phone2Change API Integration, Frontend, Backend by Dexter Lee

The idea behind our hack was to enable everyday citizens to become more cognizant of the stances of local, state, and federal politicans on specific issues that immediately impact them. The website takes in two inputs: a location, and an issue. Using the Phone2Change API, the website then consolidates the politicians that the user is elegible to vote for, as well as each politician's stance on the particular issue. This includes information about the politician's office, background, political affiliation, campaign funding, social media, and how he/she voted on legislation related to the selected issue.

In the future, we hope to expand upon the capabilites of this hack by incorperating social media widgets that highlight the opinions of the politican on that issue. We also hope to include other features that allow the user to become more connected with their policians and their policies without having to scavenge the internet for different sources. We could optimize the project further by making the database more open to gather more public input. This would have the benefit of extending the scope of the dataset while also making it more robust.

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