• Devin Cintron
  • Alejandro Dobles
  • Elliott Jobson
  • Connor Normand

_ “Why should I even buy an electric car? Doesn’t that energy just come from burning coal anyway?” _

This is a question we have heard time and again -- even here at Stanford. It is clear that many individuals hold the belief that switching to an electric car is of little environmental benefit. This misconception is due to a commonly held belief that the emissions producer create while generating electricity are comparable to those of a gasoline car. Our project serves as a tool to demonstrate that this is not the case.

Across the United States, energy producers in different regions employ varying resource mixes for providing grid energy. Using publicly available EPA data, MyCARbonFootprint allows users to visualize the environmental impact of switching to an electric vehicle given their region’s energy resource mix. We hope this project will ultimately serve to correct the misconceptions which often lead consumers to decide against purchasing electric vehicles.


  1. install all npm dependencies bash cd emissions/static npm install
  2. source into the virtual environment

    source emissions/py_venv/bin/activate
  3. run the flask server

    flask run
  4. open localhost:5000 in your browser

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