We looked at sustainability and economics and health. We found that countries like the Philippines have a large amount of waste that is not recycled. The problems related to recycling lead to large environmental problems (including water pollution, loss of biodiversity in soil), health problems (such as cancer, lung illnesses), and leads them to lose a lot of money that could be used elsewhere. We decided to make a website to motivate people to recycle.

What it does: By providing incentives (paid for by ads) we motivate people to recycle; As people recycle more it will become a natural habit. People post images of what they recycle or log it without a picture and they get a certain amount of coins. After filling up their tree with coins, they get cash prizes. The money gotten could also help people pay for daily needs.

How we built it: We built our prototype with HTML & CSS. In the future, we hope to add javascript to it for more functionality. We also plan to make an algorithm with python to make sure that people don't post the same instance of recycling more than once.

Challenges we ran into: Everyone is working in different time zones, and some people are had school while this was going on and so coordination was difficult. But we got it done!

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Our team was very supportive and cheerful throughout the process. Our design is very neat!

What we learned: We learnt a lot about the problems revolving around the lack of recycling initiatives and how many problems recycling could solve!

What's next for treeCycle?We hope to create an algorithm to better implement accountability on our personal time.

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