Online learning has not been the easiest for students or teachers. However, I've noticed that teachers are putting in lots of time to create computer programs to helps virtual students out with understand concepts taught. In order to make teachers' lives easier and provide a way for students to give back to the community, TreeBranch allows teachers to branch out to students about projects they would like to see in their classroom.

What it does

TreeBranch provides a database in the form of a dynamic list for teachers to submit project requests to and for students to choose projects from in order to help out these teachers.

How I built it

I built TreeBranch use React Native on Sublime, and I used Expo to test the program.

Challenges I ran into

I had a hard time with the submissions request because it was difficult trying to read data from a running list. But I figured out in the end!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the whole project, especially with the Expo development side, since I am new to it.

What I learned

I learned that planning ahead is very important; there were many steps to the project and I'm glad I wrote out everything I wanted to accomplish ahead of time so I had a set plan.

What's next for TreeBranch

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