We started by asking: what do business parks need, what do their tenants want? We talked to a few stakeholders - they told us that they want a vibrant space that attracts innovative professionals, a co-space that fosters co-creation and synergies.

What it does

A platform to organise and attend spontaneous events around the business park.

How we built it

With minimalism in mind, we create a simple and neat UI to make the app intuitive. Drawing inspiration from Pokemon GO, we wanted to create a similar interface where users can easily find events around the business parks. We used the MapBox API to recreate the digital overlay.

Challenges we ran into

  • Defining a target population
  • Finding a design concept that appeals to target population
  • Distinguishing ourselves from other event platforms like
  • Quantifying the value our platform is able to provide

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Created a working prototype that demonstrates our concept
  • Validated our prototype by conducting user interviews
  • Identified a strong business case that distinguishes our platform from other events platforms, backed up by research and case studies

What we learned

  • Running through a prototype with a user is the best way to understand how they will engage with it
  • Many businesses at business parks today still operate within organisational silos

What's next for Cookie Talk

  • Work with business parks to launch Cookie Talk with a bang
  • In the short run, we would like to integrate "interest groups" and similar features that help connect users/residents to each other.
  • We also will like expand our target audience to the general public and nearby institutions.
  • Use user information generated from CookieTalk activities to inform business parks on trends in the workforce
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