We were inspired by the ongoing environmental efforts to save our planet and we want to do our part in the spirit of #teamtrees. Did you guys know that we have a heritage tree in our very school compound? We will use our Tree Secure app to find out more!

What It Does

  1. Discover Trees: discover the rich heritage of trees far beyond the ages of our own with the extensive Google Maps API, giving real time updates of which trees are nearest to the user at any point of time, as well as learning about the said tree
  2. Adopt Trees: users are able to adopt a tree, giving a one time payment of $5 where all process will be donated to NParks
  3. Visit Trees: users are able to "visit" a tree if they are within 500m of the tree, marking them as a tree which they had already seen and learnt about
  4. A beautiful UI made with Flutter with working Dark Mode

How We built it

We used Flutter for our front-end, Firebase for authentication and database storage, beautiful-soup and Python to crawl the web data needed from and, Stripe to handle the donations, and the cutting edge Google Maps Flutter Plugin.

Challenges We Ran Into

Wildly inconsistent dataset from the 2 above mentioned websites, laborious setup for the various APIs, connecting all these micro-services together


Used a feature that was still in developmental phase, learning Flutter in a day

What We learnt

I love Flutter

What's next for Tree Secure

Letting tree enthusiasts play a bigger role in keeping our Heritage Trees healthy and strong. Allow sending in photos if they see a tree that's diseased or are hazardous and could be a cause of concern for passers-by.

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