Two of our teammates recently volunteered at an elementary school so we targeted our application towards small children which teaches the children small facts about the environment.

What it does

It is a one screen application that displays a tree along with a sign that contains fun facts about the environment. It is an interactive application that changes facts with the ease of the press of the right click button.

How I built it

We used Java in Eclipse and we used the libgdx library for our program.

Challenges I ran into

2 teammates have never coded before and one never used Java before and last 2 were slightly experienced. Another issue we ran into was that the member with the most experience had to leave midway. Multiple knowledge deficits hindered our speed and efficiency while writing the code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That we were able to manifest our original idea with little to no modifications despite change in multiple platforms.

What I learned

How to code in Java and use a packaged library like libgdx. We also adjusted to the Eclipse IDE. We also learned some new facts about the environment!

What's next for Tree of Life

We can always add new facts to the application therefore just as the Tree of Life it is forever growing.

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