The tree has a great role in environmental aspects, as the lack of its number in any region leads to an imbalance in the ecological balance in that region And when people and the community gain the correct awareness and knowledge about the importance of trees, they then seek to preserve them by various means and methods.

What it does

So I decided to make this educational lens to show its benefits I chose the head to be the trunk of the tree So that we can feel the benefits that the tree offers The idea that I wanted to convey from making the hole in the head is that the tree is a habitat for wildlife and a source of food

How we built it

Fingers were used for the symbol to enumerate its benefits I added a guide plate for each finger And appropriate visual effects and sounds make us feel the atmosphere with the presence of trees.

Challenges we ran into

Find the right models and sizes

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to implement the idea in a short period of time

What we learned

Unlimited possibilities of Lens Studio

What's next for Tree Benefits

I will try to design an innovative lens

Built With

  • 2d
  • 3d
  • behavior
  • hand-joints
  • tween
  • vfx
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