Our project is a platform that enters you into the virtual reality experience of whatever alternate reality you're experiencing - walk onto the platform and close the restraining wall to begin. Put on any virtual reality headset like the Oculus VR and start experiencing true virtual reality - walk without a controller. Tred has a layer of sensors that picks up pressure differentials and sends this to a Windows machine.

The accompanying software receives sensor data from a microcontroller and runs a k-means clustering algorithm with 2 clusters on the pressure points to approximate the location of the feet, then takes a low pass filter on the movement of the feet to get rid of noise, and uses this vector as the movement vector. Coupled with sensor data from the Rift, Tred looks like a keyboard to your Windows computer, and so works with any virtual reality experience that uses the Rift.

Hacked by 3 Terrapin Hackers from the University of Maryland.

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