Staying at our homes during COVID 19 has led to musicians not meeting up at all for collaborations. Barriers to this pandemic and distance should not let the music take a step down. Introducing Treble!!

Why treble

Looking to fulfill your high school band dreams? Treble is the place for you! Connect with talents and create your own Treble!

What it does ?

Treble is the platform to be at if you're looking for a virtual band to collab with. No more searching endlessly for the required talents you are looking for your band! Upload your Treble and let your teammates make one as per yours and publish it to gain fame!

What's next for Treble

We want musicians to form a community on Treble and make strong connections with people from various cultures and different styles of music! We also want to assist musicians record better by suggesting them tempo or pitch they should be using to match the original video. Stay tuned for updates!

Since we are hosting it on a free version of heroku we kindly ask you to run the attached along while using treble.

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