This might come as a novel idea, but people are actually very similar. Despite seemingly irreconcilable differences, we have the the same basic needs and interests. The scary fact is that these "differences" drive us apart every day, preventing us from facing common issues effectively and efficiently. A good example is political gridlock -- the Democrat vs Republican dichotomy, the global climate change debate (developing countries vs developed countries), etc. This phenomenon even affect charities, as much as we don't want to believe it. There are so many small organizations out there trying to carve out their own accomplishments despite having such similar goals as others. In so many ways, our community could be using our collective resources in a smarter and more effective way. However, Bit technology allows to change this. Using Bit Coin, we can inspire more effective collaboration between groups of people...and when it comes to charities who exist to serve the community, the implications of this technology are enormous. By utilizing multi-sig functionality of BitCoin wallets we can incentivize positive and productive collaboration within society.

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