What it does

With Treasure Meal Planner, users can plan and modify their own diets in real-time by using OpenAI's chat GPT. By inputting their height, weight, age, daily target calories, and dietary preferences or restrictions, they can create a customized diet plan.

How I built it

I built Treasure Meal Planner by combining front-end and back-end technologies. The front-end was developed using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, while the back-end was built using Node.js and Express.js. I hosted the server on Google Cloud Platform using App Engine. Additionally, I used OpenAI's Dall-E to create the image on the first screen.

Challenges I ran into

One of the major challenges I faced was configuring the server on Google Cloud Platform since I had never used it before. Additionally, I had to figure out how to use OpenAI's API with Node.js since the workshop was based on Python.

What I learned

Throughout this project, I was able to improve my overall coding skills, especially with regards to using OpenAI's API and Google Cloud Platform.

What's next for Treasure Meal Planner

In the future, I plan to develop a mobile application using React Native or Dart-based Flutter. I also plan to improve the CSS design by properly utilizing the Bootstrap and Tailwind libraries.

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