Lock picking has always been a skill I wanted to learn. What if you could do it just by ear?

What it does

Pick the lock to find treasure. Can you break the code to unlock each items? Treasure Hunter is an Alexa game where you can pick locks to find treasure. There are over 80 items to find.

"Alexa, Open Treasure Hunter"

How I built it

Visual Studio Code was used to code this Alexa skill. The skill was coded in NodeJS. The skill is host on alexa-hosted (node.js).

To mix the audio lockpicking sound I use APL (for Audio)

To persist the data

To save and use media files

Challenges I ran into

I selected the skill to be host on alexa-hosted (node.js). This saved time in setting on the services I needed. The difficulty I ran into was testing the skill locally when the the invoke intent used a server feature, such as dynamo DB. The environment variables were not present locally for access. To over come this I minimized the use of the DB and failed safely to fake data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Dynamically creating strings of sounds from a core game logic.

What I learned

How to chain and mix audio for Alexa output.

What's next for Treasure Hunter

More achievements and to create custom sound for each treasure found. I plan to add an UI to the game in time as well, not just voice/audio.

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