I am someone who like to play treasure hunt as well as create treasure hunt games with clues for others to explore. Escape rooms & amazing race are other source of inspiration.

What it does

Today we are in a world where people are worried about stepping out of their homes due to Covid 19. Apart for essential needs people are mostly staying indoors and slashing discretionary spending.

How can we help people take baby steps in way that people would find confidence, trust, safety in any business or pleasure travel.

How can we help reboot entrepreneurs and small local business to earn so that they can survive and thrive socially and economically by promoting responsible tourism.

There could be many ways to address the above mentioned problem but the path that we decided to explore is a mission based exploration and learning platform that connects virtual and real world adventurer(s) through intellectually stimulating missions set by an ecosystem that unlocks treasures & trade.

Presenting Treasurehuntz (aka TH)

Treasurehuntz is a concept where customers can purchase missions through which they can explore and learn about new places, things, culture, domains & many more through solving puzzles & riddles at the same time bond as a team or get to know more about each other and network. This will be an opportunity to go and explore some of the unique & not so crowded location safely as well as online.

This mission can be set for domestic, regional as well as international travel. The initial focus will be on domestic mission that will provide exciting trips to travelers at the same time will keep them safe from containment zones or hotspots. It means that it could be a half day or one day mission to a weekend mission to start with as we expect the domestic / local travel to happen first than regional / international travel as a confidence building measure. Factors such as Time, Budget, Comfort, Mood, Motivation, difficulty levels of the mission will influence customers preference.

Treasurehuntz will be a platform that will enable locals, enthusiasts, professionals to create treasure missions to solve that can be purchased by customers as they decide to make plans on how they want to spend their time, in a more meaningful way.Each mission will be priced. This will help local business and entrepreneurs to earn a living at the same time promote some of the not so famous places in their locality that are safe to be explored in a responsible way.

Based on the mission that is purchased, Treasurehuntz will show the customers potential travel, accommodation, food arrangements and events that are near your mission is. Treasurehuntz will also connect travelers to local police, health care institutions, consulate and government advisories for awareness & or any SOS needs.

TH mission will also have some prizes/food coupons/discounts/travel tickets/accommodation vouchers etc for the travelers to realize a sense of accomplishment at the end of mission based on time taken to complete the mission and other factors. These prizes will help trigger demand for downstream travel and tourism value chain.

TH will trigger demand for mobility in a safe way that can generate lead for rest of travel and tourism ecosystem and beyond.

TH will also ensure that not many teams are purchasing the same guided offline mission to ensure that we are managing the traffic and help travelers follow social distancing norms. So that travelers can be sure of trust and safety for them as well as their loved ones and the community as a whole.

TH can also address the corporate segment for their teams that are working virtually or in a office to come together and solve missions as an activity or even compete as teams. Even business travelers can take advantage of TH for them to de-stress.

TH will have multiple revenue streams primarily coming through commissions / fees / subscriptions as well as selling TH missions to corporates.

TH will help travelers to go and get some fresh air and rejuvenate self and your loved ones in a safe way.

TH will help connect people for missions that are focused on themes & causes such as (sustainability, environmental e.g tree plantation etc) that gives a sense of accomplishment on serving a purpose to the community by being on Treasurehuntz.

How I built it

Through google suite. There could be application of AI & ML in the way mission questions are packaged. Social media. Initial thought is to make it something that has a responsive UI that is compatible with web and mobile devises followed by mobile app.

Challenges I ran into

I came in to Hackathon as a mentor but due to some last minute changes in the team, i decided to take the idea forward. Its a one man army during the hackathon. Cant thank my mentor Fred enough for all the support that he extented.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One man army powering all of this so far !!!  A hustler, not a coder Ability to create a earning for Entrepreneurs Ability for customers to venture out safely Ability for customers to stay connected online Ability to network & be a channel of engagement Helping small businesses come online & giving back to community Nudge demand for others in the value chain Got access to a huge network of awesome people

What I learned

Be the change that you wish you see in the world. Give your best and build on your strengths. it was a happening weekend for me personally. Learned a lot.

What's next for Treasure Hunt

Validate / invalidate the concept & assumptions prior to building a full fledged solution. MVP:The initial focus will be online & guided offline domestic mission that are shorter in nature (couple of hours a day to weekend) and less complex that will provide exciting experience to users at the same time will keep them safe from containment zones or hotspots. It means that it could be a half day or one day mission to a weekend mission to start with for locations that open and are not under strict lock down.

Please find more about Treasurehuntz in attached pdf and short video.

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Open for team members with the following skills.

  1. Hands on technology experience who can help make MVP a reality (UI,API etc)
  2. Anyone who can help with UCD, UX, Product Design, user research, user interviews etc
  3. People who can help with communications, social media, beta test

Cant wait to talk to you.

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