People sail the web all the time, but how many hidden gems do they miss? We aim to help people unearth this hidden treasure and build a meta-web-game on top of it all.

What it does

A chrome extension allows you to find user-generated treasure hunts tied to specific websites. Follow the clues provided and get to the end. The first to each clue wins the treasure inside.

Specially designed treasure hunts can show users a side of the web they hadn't considered before.

How we built it

Using flask, sqlite, and javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Using the web3 api to connect to a remote Etherium node has given us nothing but problems. Serious issue for the legitimacy of Doubloons. Initial plans were for the Doubloons to take the form of blockchain tokens — each user would get a reward for completing clues by getting a transfer of Doubloons from the user who created the treasure hunt, with a mechanic wherein users had to store some of their wealth in treasure hunts to keep Doubloons in heavy circulation. The web3 api was such a problem that we ended up not backing these Doubloons on the blockchain and instead trusting our centralized server.

We got Doubloons working on the blockchain, but not in time to integrate them.

What's next for Treasure Hunt

Doubloons on the block chain! Clues implemented as an analog to wallets, where users transfer money to the treasure chest to create the chest, money is automatically transferred to users who complete the hunt.

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