Disclaimer. The original text was written by our greatly respected CEO, who was able to overcome his limitations and do his best to make our world a better place.

The story is based on actual events. In today's world, life moves at a furious pace. From all sides, we are forced to be successful, productive, beautiful, etc. It is no wonder that in trying to meet these requirements, a person often burns out, falls into apathy, does nothing, or concentrates on one thing. And often, in the pursuit of earnings, a man wastes his health and life activity, damaging the environment. I am a shining example of this since I suffered from obesity as a teenager, and all attempts to lose weight failed because the desire for delicious food always won the battle of priorities. But just like in a French film, love happened to me. After falling in love with a beautiful, trim girl, I realized that if I wanted to win her over, I needed to fit in. And this became the impetus for my rapid weight loss and gaining muscle mass. You can see from this example that it's always about motivation. And what better motivator than money? What if we say you can kill two birds with one stone and simultaneously improve your health and appearance while making money? Not bad, eh? And that's not all, because at the same time you will be making a considerable contribution to the future of our planet. After all, we are very concerned about hyper-consumption and the unsustainable use of resources. We were greatly inspired by the example of our friend Roman Danilenka and his project, "1000000 trees for Ukraine." We created our product as a universal way to close basic human needs, allowing you to enjoy your body and health, using the most environmentally friendly mode of transport, and even earning money simultaneously! MISSION: monetary motivation for people to exercise and fight global warming!

What it does

This demo app allows you to import your wallet. Equip with NFT bikes, make a trip, and get an award in the form of $SCRW fungible tokens. Wait for the energy recovery, energy soul-bound fungible token, and go again on the road. During the trip, you can see the speed, the mileage that was driven on the bike, the number of tokens earned, etc. While waiting for power to be restored, you can admire your bikes or count the number of zeros in the token balance.

How we built it

Stage 0. Came up with the concept of the project and defined its components (developed tokens and utilities for interchangeable and non-replaceable tokens, bike craft system, defined the role of DAO and component distribution, server for rendering a graphical representation of NFT components and NFT bikes, inside game token, control token, bicycle components, directly the bicycles themselves, etc.)

Stage 1. Designed the application infrastructure architecture (unlocked the architecture of smart contracts and the architecture of the server and defined the main components of the model, which is intended to track cycling.

Stage 2. Defined the minimum, we must do to explain our idea, win at the hackathon and attract the attention of third-party inverters to realize our Mission.

Stage 3. Conducted research Game-Fi projects to find the optimal solution for implementing in-game blockchain-based mechanics (how to make craft things from multiple components and imagine the energy in a blockchain?) Designed and tested smart contacts NFT bikes inside the game token and power. Conducted a study on tracking cycling and using machine learning models on mobile devices. Developed a model

Stage 4. Developed the application structure, determined that we wanted to see applications in the style of Material Design 3, and attracted a third-party graphic designer to develop graphical components we could not draw ourselves (logo, etc.).

Stage 5. Developed mobile applications that implement the tasks. Performed tests and corrected the errors that were found during the testing phase.

Stage 6. Prepared a presentation for the product. Made a video. They have developed a website and created a roadmap for the following year. They started tweeting; they started rounding up people around the project.

Challenges we ran into

  1. We needed the required finance to hire professionals to build a design for our project. As a result, our app, website, and presentation maintained a different style, but we did our best to make everything as similar as possible.
  2. We wanted to make a separate server for data processing but did not because we needed more resources, time, and experts to complete the project before the hackathon deadline. The temporary solution was to execute requests to the server on the client.
  3. Develop an ML model to track bike riding with great precision, but faced with the fact that we need thousands of data to train the model.
  4. Besides all this, we are from Ukraine. Unfortunately, the whole Treadle Lifestyle App team experienced problems with electricity and internet access, so we could not develop the product normally. And even one of our colleagues had a missile fall 300 meters from us, but fortunately, he did not give up, and his morale did not fall.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Sent the work to the deadline, and despite the conditions of war, lack of light, and the Internet, we managed to finish the project on time.
  2. Developed unique tokenomics that ensures sustainable prices for bikes & components and in-game tokens. An intelligent components burning system and TRDL DAO decision-making system achieve it. It also allows us to maximize the community's involvement in the project's development because the community (TRDL DAO) can influence the project's future. It means increasing the overall activity in the app and NEAR Protocol.
  3. We have taken the first step towards realizing our mission so that people can overcome themselves to a healthy lifestyle.
  4. We are pleased to contribute to the NEAR ecosystem's development and bring it closer to the goal of 1 billion users.

What we learned

  1. Developing a product of this scale in mind requires more specialists, particularly in design, marketing, and machine learning. Unfortunately, the resources at our disposal at the moment are objectively insufficient.
  2. New NEAR Protocol application horizons have been discovered. The flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and simplicity of the NEAR Protocol allow for more tasks than other blockchains. So we made sure that NEAR Protocol is precisely what we need.

What's next for Treadle Lifestyle App

December 2022 - February 2023

  1. Development of the server responsible for rendering the graphic representation of bicycles.
  2. Development of innovative contract components of bicycles and intelligent contracts of mechanics.
  3. Improving the machine learning model to track the movement of a bicycle, i.e., the modification of the anti-cheat system.
  4. Attracting venture capital and investors for the project

March 2023 - May 2023

  1. Design development for mobile application
  2. Start a private beta test (invite access, smart contacts deployment in the test net)
  3. Development of a marketplace for bicycles and their components
  4. Development of smart contract DAO

June 2023 - August 2023

  1. Launching a marketing company
  2. Public beta test launch
  3. Start the project on the NEAR main network (NEAR Mainnet)

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