Team Peak was inspired by the need to go beyond the familiar products in the market, we saw the need to educate the teachers who are key players in the education of any generation, hence Treach was birthed to improve competency among African teachers who are disadvantaged by many factors such as poor power supply, expensive internet amongst others.

Treach provides latest resources to help teachers upskill, provides them with job postings from LinkedIn and a forum where they can share resources to help one another grow.

We built it using Nodejs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AfricaTalkingAPI, Azure Web Services

We faced the challenge of poor power supply which slowed down some team mates in the delivery of their parts of the product also poor network connection which hindered us from creating a team video while on standup calls We are proud of our product, proud of pulling through in spite of challenges we faced along the way. We learned that as a team, we can overcome any obstacle

We hope Treach gets into the African market and with proper guidance becomes a product which improves Africa's educational sector

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