Trayl Blazers is proud to present our hack-Traylz Mix. Traylz Mix (or TM) is an online website/application that allows you to map your own trails on google maps with personal comments and ratings. Trails can then be shared and uploaded to our website where others can view them for either information or merely social media purposes. Geocachers, Nature Enthusiasts, and even regular people can use TM to help record their paths and store them in our online server for easy app or internet access for whenever needed, making for easy mobile service. In addition, our company encourages users to share their Trails with the community so that others can view Trail reviews and terrain to plan for their next outing! In the future Traylz Mix plans to further socialize our connections so that Trails can be posted to Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Networks. Our goal as a company is to provide easy access to shared community ideas and information to help support local communities everywhere!

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