Steve regularly commutes home from London to his local station, he normally arrives home in time for the last bus to his village but tonight his meeting overran and he needs a taxi. Arriving at his station, Steve joins a queue of 8 people also waiting for a ride home, in the cold and wet British weather.

What Steve doesn't know is that Sally was on the same train visiting her Aunt who lives just 3/4 mile from Steve and she too is in the queue waiting for a taxi.

Wouldn't it be great if there was some way that Steve and Sally could identify their common destination and share a single taxi there.

Traxi brings people together to share taxi rides to their final destination, reducing costs to passengers and giving them a more integrated stress free travel experience

Just by visiting the Traxi webapp Steve and Sally can enter a few basic details and they will then get notified of passengers who could potentially share a ride. All that is left to do is meet up and share that ride to their final destination

The technology behind traxi is a spatial aware Geofire database, cloud hosted for scalabiliy both up and out. Utilising APIs from google and Uber, Traxi uses its search algorithm to match people to their taxi needs. ...

Challenges we ran into

Reliance on connectivity during trials Uber API different across platforms .Net support for Geofire Learning new apis, development platforms Identifying our business model ...

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Managing to focus on a specific problem and producing a tangible solution Feedback from customers trialed on train from Kings Cross to York

What We learned

Data connectivity is sketchy at best on the rail network. There are so many "what-ifs" to consider

What's next for traxi

The initial proof of concept is targeting rail journeys and bringing passengers together on the same train, in the future, our matching technology can be extended to pre-booking and make the vision of door to door booking a reality. Beyond that, the other markets that this technology can reach are huge, airports based on flight arrivals to hotels, major events, ferry terminals, just about anywhere where you have a volume of people looking to move to similar locations by a taxi.

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