Common sense tells us that using public transportation or biking/walking are better alternatives to driving, but what if we could quantify that to see how much pollution we're actually contributing? This would help us be more aware of the consequences our travel has on the environment. Furthermore, data on this can help influence policymakers to focus more on enhancing public transportation.

What it does

träx uses navigation system data, such as distance between two locations and routes to take for each mode of transportation, to calculate how much CO2 will be emitted from one trip. These calculations are displayed for each possible route that a user can take, so the user will know the difference between carbon emissions for every option (bus, train, car, etc.)

How we built it

We used Figma to mock up how our feature would integrate with Google Maps.

Challenges we ran into

How can we differentiate our carbon footprint awareness feature from already existing apps?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our interactive feature in Figma!

What we learned

Figma, the importance of policy and time management :)

What's next for träx

Actually partnering with navigation apps, coding the feature, collecting data and assessing important features to visualize, generating surveys to disperse through the app to user base, and reaching out to politicians to discuss transportation policy.

Built With

  • figma
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