What it does : TraX will tracks your tasks, assignments you need to complete, or will count you down until your next trip or appointment. Not only is it a task tracking productivity app but you can find people around you who might are available to collaborate with you or help you accomplish your goals.

How we built it : We began with a low-fidelity product by wire framing on paper. Next, we went to to create a prototype that simulates our completed app. Lastly, we started implementing python and using libraries pandas and folium to create the beginning of an interactive map that when on the app will detect other users in your area and what they are all working on(if they decided to share it publicly).

Challenges we ran into : We had so many ideas and wanted to solve issues like the air pollution, locating milk when you run out and so many scrapped ideas. So focusing on an idea we wanted to deploy was pretty challenging. completing the interactive map visualizations in the set amount of time and our limited knowledge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of this awesome completed app and prototype! It all seemed to work out in the end.

What we learned - BrainStorming , communication and focusing on an idea is key.

What's next for TraX : we plan to complete the app fully and deploy it to the app store.

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