Djamel is a university student. During his school days, he studies and works hard to succeed. During his summer days, he's lost. There's nothing to do, no job offers attain him and he's never found a reliable job or even a small physical labour. Mehdi is a high school dropout. He lives his days scouring for jobs and asking people outside if they have a small job to do that doesn't require that much skills. Sadly, Mehdi is unlucky and he misses the job opportunities made for him. Toufik is a family man. He has 4 kids and a chronically ill wife. He works his 8-6 job but it's never been enough. He's always scouring the streets for a small job and extra income.

What it does

It answers to the need of providing a platform for people to find job opportunities that aren't normally found on usual work websites (fiverr, upwork, ouedkniss, LinkedIn etc..) We're focused on small labours and services that provide quick cash which is essential to a very large population in our country. These jobs range from lifting to driving to buying groceries, helping people who move out, doing some cleaning, painting or even taking care of a family member. We're prividing a platform that will make the job searching process for people who work day to day jobs an easier process and a more reliable way at that.

How we built it

We built it by analyzing the average adult, men and women, and spotted their needs and how they can be answered through what's available in today's market. We made a mobile app which offers a way to post job ads and apply for them, whether you are an employer or an employee. You only have to register and provide your information so that you can be contacted. We used various technologies in order to answer to this need. Mobile app we used Flutter for the frontend and NodeJs for the backend. We collaborated using the same network to send request and api calls to the functions that assure Travigui's working well. Using 3 PCs to collaborate automatically calls for the usage of a code sharing platform, so we used the biggest and greatest, Github. Functionalities _ Artificial Intelligence _ Some of our functionalities require using more technical things, like our recommendation system. We opted for the usage of a basic AI model that can recommend ads that will suit your needs as an employee looking for a job. If you're more interested in working in physical labour and hard challenges, once you click and apply for a job in that field, your feed will be mostly constituted of job offers in that domain. Same for people who are interested in taking care of pets, shopping for other people or cleaning.

Challenges we ran into

We had several challenges, the hardest being choosing an idea. Having a broad theme like "UTOPIA" and a sub-theme like "Acts of grace", finding ideas that are viable, useful and profitable isn't an easy task. We've struggled for over 12 hours to fix an idea and start working. The total time we worked is 24 hours. Developing a business plan for a non-profit idea is also not an easy task, but we've been able to find an idea that answers both the need to ascend the society to the next level and help people all by not sacrificing much business aspect. JavaScript is filled with bugs so it was sometimes difficult to surpass them, but thanks to the mentors, we could get rid of them and focus on our work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

** BEING ABLE TO MAKE THE APP AND FINISH IT IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. ** As aforementioned, we struggled to nail down the idea which left us little to no time to start working on the app. It was a hard task, but thanks to our designer and mobile developers, we were able to finish the product and produce clean code.

What we learned

We gained some insight into the reality of our society and both youth and adult lives. Sometimes, being students in university and higher national schools, we're so much in friction with our peers that we forget what it's like to live out there with no higher education or technical skills. We're by no means superior, and we're all essential to our society and humanity, thus, the same way we deserve a platform where we can apply for jobs and find them, less technical people also deserve that. I (the writer) will go as far as saying that they deserve it more than us because mostly, they're sadly less fortunate than us. It's our duty to help them and make their lives easier.

What's next for Travigui

Finding inverstors would be a huge pleasure

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