Inspiration & User Story

1. A person with a handicap

I am a person with a handicap in South Korea. I want to travel to other countries. But I don’t know where the elevator is. or a good road. so I want to information about that.

2. Traveler

I am a traveler traveling to South Korea in 3 months. I am a solo traveler and as it is my first time traveling to Korea, I need information on what to do and where to go in Korea, I want to build a connection with local resident and join local activities.

3. Host

I am very passionate about my home country, Nepal. I want to bring people to my country, to understand more about my country, more local information which is hard to find online.

4. Refugee / War survivor

I am a refugee who lived through the Syrian War. I want people to understand and know what happened in my country, and get the message out for help.

What it does

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How we built it

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  • Front-end: React, Javascript ES5, Html 5, CSS, Semantic-Ui-React 0.86.0,

  • Back-end: Javascript ES6, Node.js, express 4.16.4, MongoDb, Mongoose 5.3.11, Dialog flow 0.8.2, Rule engine, Axios 0.18.0, babel-cli 6.26.0, , Facebook Messenger Api

  • Devops : Nginx 0.8.54, Ubuntu 18.04, create-react-app 3.0.0, let's encrypt, Digital Ocean, Google Compute Engine

Challenges we ran into

1. experience about NLP.

All of the team have no experience with NLP. But We want our chatbot more friendly. But we don't have enough time. So We are using platforms.

2. VS Dialog Flow

We choose Dialog Flow because We are considering the next version. Our next version will develop more website too.

We need to choose and dialog flow. Both of them complete solutions with machine learning. So quality is good enough.

First, we think small talk method is more important to feel familiar. Because people meet chatbot to using just text. Small talk, feel more friendly.

Seconds we have a website also. We have a plan to using NLP at the website too. is only supported facebook messenger. We need to consider the next version.

3. Conversation with different country people

All of the team live in other countries. So culture and language are different. But we have the same goal. So we overcome all of them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1. How rare the facilities for handicapped people

I knew that the facilities were scarce, but We did not know it was bad enough. We searched how much it is lacking. And We knew that about 5 out of 10 disabled people gave up on the trip. (Federation of the Disabled: We can see the world in a broader and more diverse perspective. We think it is the largest we have ever gained.

2. challenged a lot of technical things.

We tried to do a lot of technically possible things. We challenge NLP, messenger API. We try to use the latest technology. We are using react, javascript es6. and separate two cloud services.

3. not just switch case.

We using NLP. We are the first to experience with that. But we make it. We wanted to make chatbot more human. So We tried to make Chatbot more natural.

What we learned

We learn about how hard to tour for a handicapped person

We are so shocked rare information to a handicapped person. A handicapped person also needs to tour. And they need special information. (good road or elevator)
But the map did not support that. So We think that we can make some platform for them.

What's next for Travelyay

We make community to help people's travel with handicap They have a lot of problems to tour. Because there is no platform to give important information. They need room for supported people. But they need to search struggle. Handicapped people also need some refresh their life. But they need too much courage to travel. Only one in ten people with disabilities have travel experience in their life. (The Korea National Statistical Office) So we want to develop a platform for them.


Check out tips for Jakarta at . Do chat with our chatbot at !

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