What is TravelX all about? The prime role of TravelX is to bring travellers together and ultimately provide cheap and affordable travels. TravelX is the link between travellers/tourist on the one side and the principle supplier i.e. airline/train/car, hotel, etc on the other side. It is an exclusive application which helps people/travel agencies make a travel plan by creating an itinerary, allow other peoples to RSVP/Tag along with them.

What did we use to build TravelX? TravelX was built using HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL

What makes this special? There is no such product in the market that provides all the features together that we implemented. Usually, travellers had to search multiple sites before planning a trip. We have provided every traveller features under a single umbrella. Now, travellers can enjoy the vacation they deserve.

What we learned in the process ? Domain Knowledge on Travel Industry Travellers Difficulty on Amadeus API Sync and Async Calls

What's next for TravelX ? TravelX will be the intelligent application for travel consulting, planning and networking. We will facilitate traveller networking, books travel tickets, hotels, arranges for facilitation. TravelX will implement a new search algorithm that returns intelligent results based on the previous intelligence data

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